We are actively looking to hire talented and motivated individuals from Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering background to join our group and make new discoveries.

Undergraduate: We aim to train the next generation of scientists and engineers starting from Freshman level to Senior.  Research projects opportunities are available for every semester and also in the summer. Last date to apply for NYU summer intership is March 30, 2023. Please contact us with your CV.

Graduate: We’re constantly looking for high-quality and motivated Ph.D. candidates interested in magnetic resonance. If you are one of them, please apply online to New York University Global Ph.D. program. Contact us for any help regading your application.

  • Prospective students may also apply to have a graduate degree in our Science as well as Engineering programs.  

Postdoc: We seek to recruit two postdoctoral researchers to work on the development of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at high magnetic field and fast magic-angle spinning. The successful candidate will undertake an interesting project to improve DNP efficiency using novel organic radicals or polarizing agents for neurodegenerative biosolids samples at 600 MHz and 8-40 kHz magic-angle spinning (MAS). We have recently found that the multi-electron coupling network plays a critical role in maximizing DNP efficiency. To gain further mechanistic insights, the candidate will be involved in experimental optimization of polarizing-agent design and DNP protocols to maximize the multi-electron coupling effect. In addition, the candidate will work on the numerical simulation of DNP mechanism under MAS. The candidate will work in a multidisciplinary environment that includes collaboration with EPR and Bio-NMR laboratories. Apply here.

Visitors: Visiting scholars (Students, Postdocs and Senior Researchers) are welcome to contact us with their CV and a research statement. Funding is available for both short and long-term visits. 

Contact Email: All individuals interested in joining the group could contact us via asif@nyu.edu.

Note: We receive countless emails every week from prospective postdocs. We are very selective in hiring postdocs. Apply only if your research interest and experience lies in the field of magnetic resonance, photochemistry and quantum mechanial simulations.