Courses taught at NYU AD:

1. Interdiscplinary Magnetic Resoance (Science and Engineering Elective); Spring 2023
2. Experimental Physical Chemistry (Chemistry Major and Biology Elective); Spring 2023
3. Foundation of Science (Laboratory); Spring 2023

 Future courses:

1. Quantum Computing
2. Photochemistry and Photophysics


Teaching Philosophy: Teaching is an essential profession, as it cultivates young minds and shapes the future of a nation. I view teaching as an exercise that is essential to the development of my research. The process of thinking about how to explain a basic concept to others helps me generate new ideas. My teaching philosophy is influenced by my own experience, particularly as an undergraduate. I had excellent professors for my quantum mechanics and spectroscopy classes who helped me understand the basics of these subjects and sparked a desire to pursue them further. Indeed, this is what motivated many of my peers and me to pursue these topics further in our doctoral research. I also believe that open book exams are best so that students do not have to focus on memorizing equations and formulas but rather on understanding and internalizing a concept.